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Helping you organise your home

Is your spare room or garage used as storage yet you’d like to sort it all? Do you want to move yet are daunted with sorting, packing and getting rid of unwanted belongings?


Family and work commitments keep you busy; if only someone who could help you …


We can help you organise your home so it’s comfortable and relaxing (including helping clear away unwanted items). Perhaps you need help with wrapping packing and labelling boxes as you’re moving home?


Our consultation allows us to assess what needs doing and know what you want to achieve. It also allows us to get to know one another; trust is essential when inviting anyone into your home.


Ideal Living offers a range of service including …


  • Home Organisation – helping you sort, organise, de-clutter your home so it’s comfortable and relaxing
  • Moving Home – help you with all the practicalities of moving home process
  • Lifestyle change –  perhaps you have experienced redundancy, retirement, or are recovering from an injury



Read our Client Testimonials here. If you have any questions then hopefully they’re answered in our Private Clients page. Our Website Terms and Conditions can be found on this page,


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Recent research by reports that 33% of British homes have a spare room that is currently filled with junk. That’s over 5.6million homes. Visit England’s most recent published Christmas Trip Tracker reports that a total of 10.1Million Brits (20% of the GB Adult population) plan an overnight trip in…

Natural Daylight

During winter, many of us experience Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD) so we rely on artificial light. During the darker hours, we feel tired, listless and want to return home and curl up on the sofa. When buying a new home, natural light is usually one of the buyer’s main requirements….

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1 – Ceiling to Floor Start a cleaning ceiling to floor, swishing a feather duster across the walls, curtain rails, pelmets, behind and underneath furnishings. Remember to swish along the skirting boards. 2 – Indoor and Outdoor Footwear Have outdoor and indoor footwear as it prevents bacteria and dirt from…

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