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HOME ORGANISATION: Making the overwhelming manageable

We often feel overwhelmed when there is a major upheaval in our lives. Decluttering, moving home and losing a loved ones are often very stressful situations. 

Having someone there to help you, in the strictest confidence, at that time is a huge support. 

And that is what Ideal Living is all about; a helping hand taking the strain out of home or personal issues, and bringing joy back into your life.

Let us do the thinking
for you

Some of our clients need help with every aspect of moving home.

From getting their house ready to sell to managing removal men. We simplify each step for you, so you’re not overwhelmed by the process and what lies ahead.

Some people remain in a home rather than move because they are overwhelmed by what needs doing.

We do the thinking, and take the practical steps, so you can just enjoy the end result, your new home and renewed sense of freedom.

Smiling young woman with windswept hair - letting it go!

ORGANISING YOUR HOME: An amazing feeling of
‘letting go’

Over the years many of us accumulate ‘stuff’. But some times we don’t realise that this ‘stuff’ is getting us down. We find we haven’t even invited friends round for ages because we just don’t feel good in our own home. 

Ideal Living changes this. We guide you through the process of organising your home and tidying and de-cluttering your belongings. We work together to ensure all precious items are accounted for and those no longer needed are let go. 

We leave once everything is in place and your home is comfortable and relaxing again. You feel lighter and happier too.

Taking the strain out of losing a loved one

Losing a loved one sends your whole life into a spin. The processes you need to go through just seem too much.

Ideal Living takes the strain out of bereavement, dealing with all aspects of your loved one’s home. From thoughtfully overseeing the disposal of belongings, to preparing the home for the market.

We skilfully take care of the practical process so you can better deal with the emotional one. 

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Let's talk

We provide a free, no obligation, initial consultation. We listen to you throughout, understanding precisely what you need. 

We then explain how we can help you, the best processes for your situation, giving you a realistic time frame and costs.

No two client’s circumstances are the same, so there is no ‘one size fits all’. We write everything we have discussed down, so that you can think through whether you would like us to help you.

Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

“Tidying orders and relaxes the mind”

Marie Kondo

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