Is my home making me SAD?

Is my home making me SAD?

When you come home from work after a busy day working do you find it difficult to shake that after work stress? According to the Telegraph, only three in ten people are happy with their lives.

The study of 2,000 people found that 69 per cent feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40 per cent are unhappy with their lives.

Agency, The Telegraph

Unhappiness and stress can affect your health and the issues that cause these problems can make to fall into a downward spiral. All it can take to set you back on the right track to a stress-free life are little changes to create a happy home. A few small changes in the home can sometimes be for the better. To help get you on the right track, here are a couple of changes that could transform your house into a happy home.


When buying a new home, natural light is usually one of the buyer’s primary requirements.

During winter, many of us experience Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD), so we rely on artificial light. During the darker hours, we feel tired, listless and want to return home and curl up on the sofa.

Not only does natural daylight help to reduce energy costs, but it also has a psychological impact on us. Natural sunlight can help us to organically minimise stress while creating a comfortable, warm space that can promote our well-being.


Having chosen your Ideal home, you can increase the sense of calm and harmony through your choice of furniture and fabrics. Removing clutter and storing items that you only use infrequently can also benefit personal well-being.

Perhaps you have inherited items from family members, or maybe you keep meaning to sort and organise the spare room or loft space? Try as you might, each time you open the door you feel overwhelmed, close the door and move on to something else.

Our homes are not merely empty shells that we decorate according to our tastes and preferences, but a reflection of our mind body and soul.  Even the architecture of our home can have a profound effect on our mood. A messy house is a dirty mind, and if you leave that mess for too long, it could lead to unforeseen consequences.

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