It’s always an emotional and unwelcome time when a loved one dies; bereavement whilst having to deal with administrative and practical matters can be incredibly difficult.

You might have to arrange to time off work and travel to your relative’s former home. With your own family, and work commitments, you’re feeling increasingly overwhelmed; if only there was someone to help you.

When someone dies it can be an incredibly traumatic time. Having to pack up a loved ones house, taking care of the admin and the day to day matters while grieving can seem daunting.

Perhaps you live abroad and have a week’s leave to visit  and complete all that needs doing including the removal of a stairlift or medical equipment. Maybe you are relying on your phone to find where the local charities or recycling points are. It maybe that you have delayed matters for so long, that the Estate solicitor has completed legal matters.

What if someone were able to provide you with the practical help and support you need? We meet family members or Estate solicitors so we can know precisely what needs doing.

When someone dies, we can manage, oversee and monitor property care. Ideal Living can oversee the disposal of belongings and  if needs be we can handle the  removal of a stair-lift or medical equipment. We ensure all work is complete within a reasonable time and the property is presented for the appropriate sales or lettings market.

Why not allow Ideal Living to manage all property related matters on your behalf; keeping you up to date throughout. You are then free to concentrate on the legal concerns, whilst caring for you and your family during the bereavement process.

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