Bereavement Support

It’s such a traumatic time when you lose a loved one, the list of things you need to do after a bereavement is overwhelming. You are already grieving, emotionally raw and feeling lost, how can you possibly deal with so many daunting administrative and practical tasks as well?

That is where Ideal Living steps in. We handle all the paperwork and house matters for you, alleviating the stress, and enabling you to focus on yourself and your family.

Handling the overwhelming

Before we start any work, we meet either you, the estate solicitor or executor at your loved one’s home and agree what needs to be done and any timescales. We then sort through belongings be they sentimental or mundane, any documents, bequests, or even mementos that you may want. Ideal Living always try to donate to KYRA, SASH and the Salvation Army. 

We can oversee the removal of staiflifts, medical equipment and house repairs to make sure the property is ready for the market. If you live far away we can act as a “go-between” for the Estate solicitor or Executors keeping them up to date with our progress 

Whatever administrative or practical tasks you need doing when someone dies, we can cover it so you can go back to celebrating their life.

“There are occasions in life when we need another person’s support, someone who is impartial and can provide an objective view. Anne’s help was invaluable.”

Mrs MKC, Hertfordshire

 “The scope of the support available from Ideal Living and the professional and competent manner in which it was implemented proved extremely helpful.”

Mr DK, Thirsk