6 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Improve Your Home

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The sun is coming out, and it is time to crawl out of the burrows, but first, it is time for a jolly good spring clean. I always find a good clear out helps to clear my mind of stress and worry.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few quick and handy pointers for making your home squeaky clean and will improve your health in the long run. 

1 – Ceiling to Floor

Start a cleaning ceiling to floor, swishing a feather duster across the walls, curtain rails, pelmets, behind and underneath furnishings. Remember to swish along the skirting boards.

2 – Indoor and Outdoor Footwear

Have outdoor and indoor footwear as it prevents bacteria and dirt from being walked onto your carpets and throughout your home.

3 – Cleaning Cloths

Use disposable cleaning cloths and when dirty replace with a new one. Use a separate disposable material for the kitchen and bathroom areas to eliminate transferring dirt and bacteria from one area to another.

Paper towels start to disintegrate when wet, so they are not suitable for cleaning purposes as they spread germs while creating dust from the bits that fall off.

4 – Cleaning Products

Conventional branded cleaning products contain a variety of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Perhaps you start to sneeze, wheeze, sore throat, runny nose or have itchy eyes when you use them? If so, you might have an allergic reaction due to the high-level chemical content.

Environment-friendly cleaning products don’t contain harsh chemicals so are safer and healthier for you to use.

5 – Steam Clean

How often do you vacuum your carpet; every day, every other day, weekly?

Perhaps you have a vacuum which is a top of the range, was quite expensive yet has an anti-allergy infiltration system to remove pet hairs? Despite using the top of the range vacuum the carpets and floorboards continue to have significant dust, dirt and bacteria on them.

Steam cleaning the carpets and floors removes the build-up of dust, dirt and bacteria so that it could be a worthy investment. Steam cleaning the floors, curtains and sofas each month will benefit you and your health.

6 – Air Quality

The air quality within homes is often poor, due to lack of ventilation, which is why it’s so important to do your utmost to remove dust, dirt and bacteria effectively.

A lovely neat house is always a happy home and can make you feel glad to be inside, even on a rainy day.

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Anne Wyn-Jones

I started Ideal Living on 1 October 2014, which enables me to draw upon various skills.

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