Choosing your next home

Choosing your next home

Congratulations; you have decided to move home. Do you know what type of home you need with how many bedrooms? Is a garden important? Do you want easy commute access? Are you moving home as you need to upsize, downsize or are you blending families?

These are important considerations when choosing your next home. Is it any wonder many chose to remain in their existing home?

Location, Location, Location … your lifestyle is the overriding factor to consider.   

If you want to live in suburbia is it a three to five-mile radius of the city or strictly within five? Anything exceeding six miles then it’s semi-rural with a village and ten plus miles it’s market town.

Would you move to an area where investment works would begin in a couple of years’ time?

Parking … whether allocated, permit or roadside, are there limitations and restrictions to cause neighbour friction? Do your utmost to secure a win/win with neighbours; you never you might need their help one day.

Amenities … shops, school, nursery, GP surgery, pharmacy, dentist, coffee shop, gym … to name but a few. The selection of available amenities is dictated by the area. What amenities are important to you and your family; are they available within the area where you’re hoping to move? How do you intend to integrate within your new community?

Affordability – it’s easy to become swept away when looking at various properties and find “the one” that’s your new home. For the majority, buyers have a budget; keep within it. Estate agents might suggest looking at other properties that exceed your budget, just. It might only be £10,000 over your budget, yet that additional £10,000 could have an impact upon mortgage repayments.

Modernisation Do you intend to buy a “project” and transform it into your ideal living space for you and your family, whilst hoping to increase the value of the property? Do you have a budget for the renovation or refurbishment; is it realistic? Can you achieve all you want within that budget?

Are you able to move into your new home whilst renovations and refurbishment work is taking place? If not, are you remaining in your existing home, or have you considered moving in with relatives until works are complete? Which of these is the most affordable and least stressful?

Appropriateness – You have a short-list of three properties. When re-visiting each one, take all family members; how do they feel when they enter each property? Is there excessive noise; is there a motorway, dual carriageway, flight path nearby; is it a regular emergency vehicle route? Would the property accommodate everyone or would your family outgrow it within three years?

Development – Are there signs of development within the area; what type? Is it housing, commercial property (storage units, factory, workshops, or a hotel?) Your conveyancing solicitor can check on the proposed plans and let you know.

Additional considerations – Is your new home in a former mining area; a coal mining search is necessary. Is the property on a flood plain; has it been flooded previously? Visit the Environment Agency website to check the area. Is the property land-locked; do you have a right of access over a neighbour’s property? Is there a public access right of way or a bridle route? If it’s a rural location, who is responsible for maintaining the roads, including clearing snow?

Is the property a leasehold flat; how many years remain on the lease? Does the property have mains water, sewerage? What rating is broadband and mobile phone connection?

Check websites such as Check My Street, Land Registry and the Environment Agency about similar properties in your chosen area.

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Anne Wyn-Jones

I started Ideal Living on 1 October 2014, which enables me to draw upon various skills.

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