CASE STUDY: Home maintenance issue

CASE STUDY: Home maintenance issue

During this year’s very hot Summer,I received a call from a former Client who had contacted two separate contractors and arranged for them to visit and provide a quotation concerning an on-going damp issue.

One of the contractors did visit, yet failed to provide a quotation, and the second failed to attend the appointment!

My former Client contacted me. Having agreed to contact three contractors, I was present when each one visited to inspect the damage; each of them provided a quotation! My Client wanted to the work done prior to the Autumn.

During early September, the necessary work took place; I visited every other day to ensure work was progressing and that its completion would be on time.

It took ten days to complete all necessary work to my Client’s fireplace, surround and hall.


Anne Wyn-Jones

I started Ideal Living on 1 October 2014, which enables me to draw upon various skills.

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