Out with the old in with the new office
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Out with the old in with the new office

Planning a spare room overhaul? Many people overlook how daunting this process can be. Files and bric-a-brac can pile up over the years and can it can be a mammoth task to go it alone. Read how we helped a couple organise their old files and convert their spare room into a new home office.

A customer and his wife had worked within the hospitality trade yet had now retired and who remained active and involved members of a charity. They decided to have a home office to help with the charity and household administration.

From their time in the hospitality trade, there were numerous and very important documents (particularly HMRC, annual accounts and insurance) all of which would need checking, sorting and keeping.

I helped to categorise the documents and once in various piles, my clients were able to sort through them. The important documents were bundled and securely stored in a separate place. A large pile of out of date documents had built up for shredding and disposal.

The clients had various items of furniture that they had decided to sell. I helped to source an appropriate valuer. Everything sold at auction raising nearly £5,000.

Anne Wyn-Jones

I started Ideal Living on 1 October 2014, which enables me to draw upon various skills.

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