Family 'At a Distance' Support

Not all family members live nearby or within the UK! With various commitments, it’s isn’t always possible or feasiable to visit family who need practical support and assistance. Perhaps a relative’s home needs a maintenance issue resolving yet you live some distance. We refer to such circumstances as ‘Family at a distance’. 

Allow us to help your relative, whilst we keep you informed so you are aware of developments. 

It can be impractical or simply unfair to ask your relative to wait until you are able to visit them and help with any property issues that they currently have. What if their quality of life goes down or they are not able to live independently since their home is in need of  work? What if they have experienced a permanent lifestyle change; their home will need the correct reworking for medical equipment such as a stairlift?

How best can you support them? What if a neighbour doesn’t want to help, or can not accept the  responsibility of dealing with a contractor? You have to re-consider and re-arrange everything; that’s time-consuming!

We often work with such clients. Sometimes they are referred to us by professionals or we maybe contacted by a relative directly. We meet and discuss with them, identifying what needs doing and manage work for them. While your relative continues to enjoy independent living we provide you with peace of mind!

Ideal Living‘s focus is how best we can help a specific client with their needs and to ensure all works are complete promptly with no left over mess. We can manage all aspects of home improvement  to ensure their home is safe and comfortable, which can only benefit their quality of life!

During our time with a client, we monitor their well-being, whilst liaising with the professional service and relatives.

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