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That depends on the nature of the project and size of the property.

Please don’t be. Congratulations on taking the first step to improve things. I’ve seen many disorganised homes and I’m here to help you.

It depends on the work required and the time involved. After your free consultation, I’ll send you a detailed, no-obligation quotation. As a guide, it usually costs about £180 to de-clutter and re-organise a living or dining room.

Never. Every project is undertaken in the strictest confidence. I am happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement should you require

No. All decisions concerning your possessions are yours to make. I never tell you what to do, but will guide and support you through the decision making process.

I can arrange for unwanted items to be collected or take them away and dispose of them on your behalf.

I have trade contacts who, if you choose, can undertake all necessary and appropriate repairs. I can monitor work to ensure it is all completed correctly and your property is left in a tidy condition.

To reduce distractions and interruptions I suggest that children and pets are cared for elsewhere, and that mobile phones are on silent and computers switched off. Why not involve other family members during the session?

I am insured and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your details are never shared!

There are occasions when it’s necessary to include other professionals, perhaps due to time constraints unrelated business or organisation and I am always happy to provide.

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Anne Wyn-Jones has had a very positive effect upon the client to who I recommended her. The client was a partly disabled woman with two children who had been asked by her social worker to clear her flat of unnecessary furniture and junk.


Anne worked tirelessly with her to achieve this goal and managed to do it within a month. She is very tactful and supportive and the client found her always helpful and was enabled by her to achieve what she could not have done by herself.


Her social worker changed her own attitude in consequence and said the client was an example to others and has allowed her to continue to live independently with her children without further supervision.


The client is now trying to continue on the course which Anne had set up, and though she has not being completely successful in this, she knows that she can always call upon Anne to continue help.


I would strongly recommend Anne as someone who can deal with fragile or more robust cases with delicacy and skill.

Dr Anna Baldwin

My family and I moved to Canada in April 2016 as my husband was to start a five-year contract in May. Although I don’t work, there was a lot to do and decide what to take to Canada from our home where we’d lived for seven years. There were things that weren’t going with us so they needed sorting and what we’d agreed would be shipped from the UK.


We had a 22-month old and even when Louisa was asleep it meant that I could finish off remaining Canadian paperwork. My husband was finishing off work projects in London so it wasn’t fair to expect him to help at home.


I met Anne and explained what was happening. We agreed that she help me for seven days over a month when my Mum was able to look after Louisa.


My husband and I were lucky as we didn’t have to wait to sell our house before moving to Canada so we didn’t have the pressure of finding a buyer.


What was for shipping to Canada had left our house March and we stayed with my Mum for the last two weeks until we left the UK on 29 March.


We are now settled and looking forward to our time in Canada.


Anne for you made it less stressful for us all and we are now settled in Canada. Thank you

Mrs Linda Howard
North Yorkshire

My husband had died and I knew that I had to deal with the contents of a four-bedroom house and over 35 years of memories. There was a great deal to do and it took quite time to complete, in particular, the loft space. My son lived abroad and was unable to help me with what needed doing. There are occasions in life when we need another person’s support, someone who is impartial and can provide an objective view. Thank you Anne.

North Yorkshire

After my Mum died her house needed clearing. I only had three days to do everything as my children were due to return to school. An estate agent suggested I contact Ideal Living. Having Anne help me with practical things was great. I would have really struggled to do everything within the three days for there was so much to do. Thank you Anne.

North Yorkshire

I hadn’t sorted my home in a few years. I would stay out as I didn’t enjoy going home.

We started in the bedroom, then the kitchen and the living room. I found things I hadn’t seen or used in years!

Anne helped me a lot. It’s now my home again. It’s clean and tidy and I want it to stay that way.

North Yorkshire

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