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About Ideal Living

A friend wanted to downsize their home; with no family in the UK, I offered to help. Within five weeks the house was cleared of years of clutter, her son’s  items were stored and  minor maintenance issues repaired. The sold sign went up seven weeks’ later!  At that moment I realized that I could help people get to their own Ideal Living space . 

Our Mission

We know about your hectic schedule. We know that  moving house is even more stressful. At Ideal Living our goal is to help you  get from where you have been to where you are going as seamlessly as possible.  We tailor each project to your needs and lifestyle. No job is too big or too small and we look at every one as an opportunity to help you reach your goal. 

Why Hire Ideal Living ?

Moving house is not just a case of packing boxes and moving out. There are points in life, such as bereavement or a family up-sizing, when it is just too difficult to cope with the idea of packing up an entire life.  Ideal Living can help you through, what can be, an emotional roller-coaster. We can provide an objective impartial opinion with practical solutions for moving house from start to finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the nature of the project and size of the property. To reduce distractions, I suggest that children and pets are cared for elsewhere, and that mobile phones remain on silent .

Please don’t be; Congratulations for taking the first step. Improving your home will benefit your general health and well-being

Our charges vary on the nature and the scope of the project. Once we have met with you we will offer you a no obligation quotation. 

Never. Every project is undertaken in the strictest confidence. I am happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement should you need it. 

 All decisions concerning your possessions are yours to make. We never tell you what to do, but can guide and support you through the decision making process.

I have trade contacts who, if you choose, can undertake all necessary and appropriate repairs. I can monitor work to ensure it is all completed correctly and your property is left in a tidy condition.


Anne had a very positive effect upon a partly disabled client with two children. Social Services asked her  to clear her home of unnecessary furniture and junk.

Working tirelessly with the client, Anne was successful in achieving this goal  within a month. Being tactful, supportive and helping with decisions so enabling the client to do what she could not have done by herself. The client is continuing on the beneficial course that Anne set up.

I highly recommend Anne as someone who can deal with fragile or difficult cases with delicacy and skill.

Dr Anna Baldwin – York

“Anne made it less stressful for us all and we are now settled in Canada. Thank you”

Mrs L H – York

“I feel sure you’re the right person to help my Mum. I got a very good feeling from you” 

Mr E D York

“Many thanks as you made the whole experience much easier for me. Your business is a great idea and you are an ideal person to run it!” 

 Mrs J A Edinburgh


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