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A friend wanted to downsize their home; with no family in the UK, I offered to help. Within five weeks the house was cleared of years of clutter, her son’s  items were stored and  minor maintenance issues repaired. The sold sign went up seven weeks’ later!  At that moment I realized that I could help people get to their own Ideal Living space . 

Our Mission

We know about your hectic schedule. We know that  moving house is even more stressful. At Ideal Living our goal is to help you  get from where you have been to where you are going as seamlessly as possible.  We tailor each project to your needs and lifestyle. No job is too big or too small and we look at every one as an opportunity to help you reach your goal. 

Why Hire Ideal Living ?

Moving house is not just a case of packing boxes and moving out. There are points in life, such as bereavement or a family up-sizing, when it is just too difficult to cope with the idea of packing up an entire life.  Ideal Living can help you through, what can be, an emotional roller-coaster. We can provide an objective impartial opinion with practical solutions for moving house from start to finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Much depends on the size of your home, and your time, for you might have other commitments to consider, perhaps family or work.

Each session is a minimum of three hours.

Congratulate yourself for deciding you want to make changes. 

It is necessary for me to visit your home to understand what needs doing and how best to achieve it. I certainly do not judge how any client’s home is when I visit. 

Our charges vary whether it’s a home organisation or a moving home instruction.

For home organisation we offer an hourly rate and for moving home a percentage of the agreed sale price.

We undertake each instruction is in the strictest confidence. We  do not discuss client matters with unauthorised person. 

Should you require it, I am happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 

We undertake each instruction is in the strictest confidence. We  do not discuss client matters with unauthorised person. 

Should you require it, I am happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 

When repair issues come to light we can oversee and monitor those repairs on behalf of clients.  We ensure that all worked areas are left in a left clean and tidy condition with all work mess being taken away. 

Ideal Living is UK based, having helped clients within North Yorkshire, North East, East Riding, Cumbria, Cheshire, and Devon! 

Whether you’re moving in the North, East, West or South of England moving within the UK, we can help!


My husband died  in 2015 and for some time, I was unable to focus or concentrate on anything. 

Our son was only 4 when we moved to our Pocklington home in 1974. My son lives abroad and although he visits twice a year, he is unable to visit and help with the practical matters when sorting through a home of over 40 years.

For too long I had been procrastinating and on 1 January 2017, I made a firm decision to approach appropriate estate agents by 1 June.

I had picked up a leaflet for Ideal Living and having met with Anne, I discussed matters with my son. I realised the solution lay in engaging Anne.

Anne and I started sorting the house on 1 March streamlining its contents, various documents including Anne overseeing the repairs of a couple of maintenance issues.

On 6 May my home was put up for sale. Within six weeks, I had agreed a sale and on 25 August I moved to Hertfordshire, to live near my brother and his family.

There are occasions in life when we need another person’s support, someone who is impartial and can provide an objective view. Anne’s help was invaluable.

Thank you. Mrs MC, Hertfordshire

“Anne made it less stressful for us all and we are now settled in Canada. Thank you” – Mrs LH – York

“I feel sure you’re the right person to help my Mum. I got a very good feeling from you” – Mr ED Easingwold 

“How can I express my gratitude to you for arranging and overseeing my home move and thank you so much for all you’ve done” – Ms HM Wetherby

“Many thanks as you made the whole experience much easier for me. Your business is a great idea and you are an ideal person to run it!” – Mrs JA  Edinburgh

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