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About Us

Ideal Living is a home organisation service
born out of a real story

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Helping others to organise their home

Some years ago, a friend wanted to downsize, but with no family in the UK, Anne offered to help. 

Within five weeks the house was cleared of years of clutter, her son’s belongings were stored and maintenance issues repaired. Seven weeks later the sold sign went up.

With Anne’s skills of methodical co-ordination, detailed administration and her passion for people, she knew she could help many others address similar issues. 

The idea became a reality; Ideal Living was born. 

The winning skills to support you

Anne’s background is in advocacy, law, administration and training. She is naturally adept at organisation and is a practical, precise and systematic co-ordinator. 

Passionate about people, Anne is hugely empathetic to their needs. Her time as a County Court Advocate for Citizen’s Advice Bureau further brought her the skills needed to help and support others. 

Anne has now been tidying homes, organising moves, and supporting people for five years and many of her clients, and the professional services she helps, use her services again and again.

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Getting you to where you want to go, effortlessly

At Ideal Living, we have a simple goal: to take the strain out of your home worries and help you get where you want to go, as seamlessly as possible. 

We support you practically, emotionally and in a holistic way. 

After our time together many clients feel physically and emotionally lighter, they have a spring in their step and for the first time, in a long time, they feel comfortable in their home again.   

Need help in your home? Just call Anne

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s ok! I offer your first consultation for free. Here you have the opportunity to explain your situation and ask any questions you may have. All my clients are reassured by this meeting and are able to make a decision whether this is the right service they need and whether I am the right person for the job. 

Each session is a minimum of three hours. How many you need depends on the services you require, the size of your home and your time constraints. I give you an estimate on how many sessions initially, and should anything differ through the course of our working together, discuss it with you, so you are aware of potential changes. 

I am not judgemental about any home I visit. I am discreet, keeping all our dealings in strictest confidence. I have seen many disorganised homes, more importantly I have seen the joy it brings to my clients when I use my skills to tidy and organise. The end result, the burden that is lifted, I can assure you will surpass your initial embarrassment. 

Organising and tidying a home is charged at an hourly rate. I estimate how many hours it will take before I commence. When I assist in a house move, my charge is a percentage of the agreed sale price.

I undertake each instruction in the strictest confidence. I do not discuss client matters with any unauthorised person. Should you require it, I am happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 

When repair issues come to light I oversee and monitor those repairs on your behalf.  I usually get three quotes for the work and discuss the best contractor with you. I ensure that all worked areas are left in a left clean and tidy condition and any excess rubbish/work material is taken away.

Ideal Living is based in York in the UK and many of our clients are in the North. However, we cover the whole of UK, so wherever you are moving, we are here to help. 

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