Moving Home

Congratulations, you’re moving home! Some properties fail to attract interest. Making your home look attractive can help bring in buyers, secure an early sale and in some cases go beyond the asking price. 

Whether you’re a family upsizing, choosing to downsize, or are combining households there’s so much to do! Let Ideal Living help you prepare your home and manage the entire  process; from start to finish!

We are able to manage and oversee home improvement and maintenance projects on your behalf. Having an experienced person who has dealings with contractors can be invaluable and provide you with peace of mind.

Moving home can be difficult no matter what age we are at it can be filled with emotional changes and at times it is easy to feel like you are on a rollercoaster. We can manage the move step by step keeping you involved in the entire process.

If you are looking to downsize from a family home filled with memories you need time to readjust to that change in lifestyle especially if it is after a bereavement. Once you have moved, we assist with a wide variety of new home settling-in issues, whether it is unpacking or helping you setup your new home.

If someone has downsized yet their former home needs attention and contents cleared, we can help. Until a property is sold, any maintenance issues need to be looked at to prevent deterioration.

Moving home need not be an emotional upheaval, rollercoaster or even a chaotic!

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