1 out of 3 British Homes are Filled with Junk
Georgey Spanswick at BBC Radio York

1 out of 3 British Homes are Filled with Junk

We spoke with Georgey Spanswick at BBC Radio York to discuss Britains clutter crisis.

Recent research by Censuswide.com reports that 33% of British homes have spare rooms filled with junk. That’s over 5.6 million homes with a not so spare room filled up with clutter that might have a better use.

Visit England’s most recently published Christmas Trip Tracker says that a total of 10.1 Million Brits (20% of the GB Adult population) plan an overnight trip in the UK, with 67% of those staying with family or friends. Just think how many million couch surfers there are this Christmas that could have had a good nights sleep in the spare room.

“There is no room at the Inn this Christmas. Many millions of families will be couch surfing, whilst the guest room upstairs is too fill of stuff to make room for them. Taking the time now to clear that space will help your Christmas be more welcoming and enjoyable. And means no one needs to feel Christmas-claustrophobia!”

Anne Wyn-Jones, the owner of Ideal Living

Georgey Spanswick is the host of BBC Radio York’s local breakfast show. She sat down with Anne to discuss clutter, organisation and how Ideal Living can help you. Check out our radio interview, You can hear Georgey every weekday morning from 6am till 9am.

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