Anne Wyn-Jones

Home Organiser

Anne began her career in commercial conveyancing and commercial property before working within the Citizens Advice Bureau and the County Court. After leaving the legal sector, she started up Ideal Living when she moved up to York in 2007. Ever since, Anne has been helping families across North Yorkshire organise their houses and live in their ideal homes.

When first moving in Pocklington, Anne befriended a retired couple, John and Margaret, whose son lived in Hong Kong. When John died, Margaret knew she wanted to move to Hertfordshire to move near her family. However, she was unable to sort through the 40 years of contents in her home all on her own. So many memories had been in that house, and so many heirlooms still remained in the loft untouched. Jonathan was not going to be returning to the UK for the foreseeable future and was unable to support his mother. With no practical support moving home can be daunting, there’s so much to do.

With previous experience in domestic conveyancing and commercial, Anne was familiar with the buying and selling process and stepped in to give a helping hand. Anne discussed what was needed to help Margaret move with them both and successfully helped Margaret to downsize for her move to the south part of England.

Anne then realised that Margaret was not alone in wanting such practical support and founded Ideal Living. She decided upon the business name from a simple premise: Everyone wants to live an ideal life, and she wants to help you achieve it.