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We can organise your home.

There are occasions when it is necessary to reassess your home to ensure it is comfortable for you and your lifestyle. Whether or not you have experienced a major life-changing event that forces you to review your home, or whether you simply want to update your home.

I can discuss with you what needs changing and help to source appropriate materials and oversee necessary work.

There are occasions when it is not necessary to move home for a sort through your possession might be sufficient. We accumulate so many things during life, yet it is not possible to keep everything; we wouldn’t have enough storage, which is when difficulties can arise.

What We Do

  • Support Clients through the process of sorting organising clearing and discussing disposal options.
  • Assist to identify client’s preferred charities and doing utmost so charity items are donated to them.
  • Check if any family, friends, neighbours want items or if client want to gift them something?
  • Check any maintenance issues and discuss with client options and appropriate trade/s
  • Assist with light cleaning (dusting and vacuuming) of cleared areas with Client and present those areas
  • Be at the property on the date of disposal or collection of large unwanted items (eg brown and white goods)
  • Accompany client to buy home accessories so their revamped home has a “fresh start feel”