Our Services

Whether it’s helping you to sort through the stored contents of a spare bedroom, streamlining your possessions, making your home comfortable or overseeing the entire moving home process.  Ideal Living offers a wide range of services to help you!

Providing valuable, effective and practical  support for one of life’s challenges.

Based in York, our services have helped clients in North and West Yorkshire, East Riding and further afield.

Each clients’ circumstances differ, which is why we provide a consultation. This allows us to discuss a client’s specific requirements, identifying what needs doing, determine whether there are any particular requests and know the timescale.

Range of Services

Have a look at the services that we offer and if your want to learn more go to our About Us page 


Congratulations, you are selling your home! Let Ideal Living help you prepare your home and manage the entire moving home process; from start to finish!

Home Organisation

Perhaps your home simply needs sorting? Clearing our homes of items that we no longer use and passing them to others who could use them is the best form of recycling!


It’s always an emotional and unwelcome time when a loved one dies; having to deal with administrative and practical matters. If only there was someone to help you.

Family 'At A Distance' Support

Not all family members live nearby or within the UK! Allow us to help your relative, whilst we keep you informed so you are aware of developments. 

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