Meet the Team

Anne wyn-Jones

Anne is the Founder of Ideal Living. With years of experience under her belt she the core of the team, leading the way in how we operate and how we can help you! 


Samuel Glover

Sam is our marketing manager. He is responsible for all marketing strategies , our social Media and oversee’s our Blog post’s. A lot of our identity has come from him and he is a valued member of our team. 

9 Star Graphics

9 Star Graphics are responsible for the designing and implementation of our website, our marketing material right down to our business cards! Based in York no job is too big or too small for them and we’re glad to have them. 

Kehler Kuhbor

Kehler is our Proofreader. Her job is to make sure that all we write and publish makes sense! With 4 years of experience proofreading for technical magazines and academic documents she is a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

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